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Dr. Nadeem Shariff

Chief Physiotherapist and Sports Rehab Specialist


·      B.P.T (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) from JSS College of Physiotherapy, Mysore in February 2008

·      FIMT (Federation Indian Manual Therapy) from Padmashree Medical Clinic, Nagarbavi Bangalore in July 2009 Academic Achievements

Academics Achievements

·      100 Meters gold Medallist at inter collegiate sports championship

·      400 Meters Relay Silver Medallist at inter collegiate sports championship

·      Gave exclusive Seminars on Musculo-Skeletal Disorders and Ergonomics which mainly affects sedentary lifestyle that is seen in today’s IT Professionals.

·      Was mentioned in the articles of GE Health Magazine with the title "Where Medicine Fails to Heal" which has mentioned about the humane touch of Dr. Nadeem in dealing with his patients. He has backed a great feedback from the higher management of GE Health Care.

In the Year 2015, he represented as Chief Physiotherapist for Indian Advocates Team in Australia

He is expertise in treating Sports Injuries with general physio Conditions.

Work Experience

·      2008 - 2010 Chief Physiotherapist at GE India

·      2010 - 2011 Chief Physiotherapist at SAP Labs and at Ayug Healthcare, Brookefield

·      2011 - 2012 Chief Physiotherapist at MV Hospital & Diagnostic Centre and Sagar Clinics

·      2012 - 2013- Chief Physiotherapist at Bangalore Poly Clinic, Medicure hospital, Gokul Healthcare, KSCA, KACA and IACA


·      2014 - 2016 Consultant Physiotherapist at Primecare Hospital, Bangalore Polyclinic, Medicure Hospital, KSCA, KACA and IACA

·      2016 - 2018 Head of Department of Physiotherapy at Primecare Hospital, KACA, KSCA, IACA and JOSS sports clinic Jayanagar Bangalore

Professional Experience

·      Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation

·      Ortho Rehabilitation and Post Operative management

·      Geriatric and Age Related Musculo skeletal impairment management

·      Ergonomics, Posture and Work Station Evaluation ( IT/ BT)

·      Neurological Conditions like Stroke, Bell’s palsy, Nerve compressions and other Neurological deficits

·      Congenital Disorders like CP, Delayed milestone, Autism and other paediatric related impairments

·      Cardiac Rehabilitation

·      Pulmo Rehabilitation

·      Burns management

·      Post Natal , Pre Natal and Post Partum Rehab

Varicose veins, venus insufficiency, cellulitis and other vascular related impairments

Dr. Nadeem Shariff


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